About Us

The Redfield Friends of the Animals Rescue group is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. Our main goal is to assist the Redfield Animal Control in the adoption process of the current city pound population. Along with this, we also work to provide needed medical assistance, advocate and promote spay and neuter education, assist in any repairs of kennels, collect and organize donations, etc.


It is RFOAR’s goal to prevent any dog from being euthanized. To attain this goal, we need your help! We are in DESPERATE need of foster families! Being a foster family will allow a dog to remain in the home setting and socialized.

Arkansas weather is not kind to our dogs, who live in outdoor kennels. The summer is extremely hot and the winter can reach extremely cold temperatures. Our dogs only get out of their pens for a short while each day, which can lead to them being un-adoptable and in turn euthanasia.

Contact us if you would like to foster, adopt, or donate. The RFOAR staff and dogs appreciate you!


Our first fundraiser!

Our first fundraiser!