Second Annual Pet Costume Contest

RFOAR is hosting its 2nd annual Pet Costume Contest October 29th, 1:00 – 2:00 PM at the Redfield Community Center!

Costume Categories Are:

Scariest- If you want to run and hide when you see this costume, you’ve found the winner!
Cutest- If you get little butterflies and ooh and ahh, you’ve found the winner!
Best Handmade Costume- No store-bought stuff here; all handmade and completely original.
Funniest- If you split a gut laughing when you see it, you’ve found a winner!
Best Coordinated Costume Duo/Group- either multiple dogs, or dog and handler coordination. (No more than two dogs per handler.)

Trophies will be given for:

Best Over All & 5 Sub-Categories
(You can only win for one category.)


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